High quality aluminum LED flood light 150W

LED flood light suitable for:

  • Parking lot
  • Wall pack lights
  • Pathway illumination
  • Village lighting
  • Garden illumination


Topulight 150W LED flood lights are the best alternative for lighting a larger area. Outdoor 150W LED flood lights some are motion-activated and provide extra lighting, which works perfectly for security purposes. With solar flood lights, you do not need to worry about an extension cable or replace your batteries. They have the following advantages:

• They have a timer and brightness option. You can control or change by remote controller or set system in advance.
• They can stay on for up to 12 hours without charging.
• Motion sensors for detecting movement around your premises.
• The motion sensors help conserve energy since they only light up when there’s movement in the area.

High lumen aluminum led flood lights are great for outdoor lighting, group building lighting, bridge lighting. With top high brightness lumen, these LED flood lights are widely been used for bridges, building lights, outdoor lighting, garden decoration.

led flood light 100w

Specifications of 150W led flood lights:

Power 150W
Working voltage AC85-265V
LED chip Epistar 5054
Light lumens >13500LM
Color temperature 2700K-6500K
CRI Ra75-Ra90
Size 315*380*85mm
Beam angel 120º
LED driver Constant current IP67 Driver
Material Dia-casting Aluminum

More photos of led flood lights details:

50W LED lamp
150W COB
200w led

Why choose an LED floodlight?
• They are up to 80-90% more energy efficient than a halogen and a traditional lamp equivalent.
• They operate reliably in cold temperatures (normally down to -20°C).
• They are resistant to shock or vibration.
• Their long lifespan reduces maintenance, making them a good choice for difficult-to reach areas.
Comparing traditional halogen floodlights with LED floodlights
In the past, we measured the brightness of a bulb in power (w).
Now, the energy-saving nature of LED lighting means that calculating wattage does not give us sufficient information.
For example:
• 10w LED floodlights are equivalent to 100w halogen floodlights with an increased lumen output of 1200lm
• 20w LED floodlights are equivalent to 200w halogen floodlights with an increased lumen output of 2400lm
• 30w LED floodlights are equivalent to 300w halogen floodlights with an increased lumen output of 3300lm

More FAQs
How Bright Is A 30w LED Floodlight?
A 150w LED floodlight is usually equal to a 1500w halogen lamp. First choice for high pole lights. 30w LED floodlights such as Osram are 100lm/w or even more,  but topulight 30w LED floodlights are as more bright. Lights are measured in lumens, and higher lumens generally means a better LED.

Are LED Floodlights Direct Replacements For Halogen lamps?
Not always, but they generally offer similar light for around 80% less consumption.

Can LED Floodlights Be Used In Halogen Fixtures?
LED R7s lamps are replacement for existing halogen lamps. Others we advise to change the whole fixture.