Constant Current LED bulb light without aluminum

LED Light Bulbs for Home

  • With high lumen and brightness, our led light bulbs are great for home and indoor lighting
  • LEDs has a long time working time
  • Light bulbs LED is energy saving lamp, reducing your energy bills
  • Recycling green lights, can be easily changed or repaired by new separate parts
  • Protect your eyes by no flashing lamps
  • Easily to fix your exisit lamp holders, such as E26/E27/B22
  • For special E14 light base also available
  • Color Kelvin 2700K-6500K and RGB


Residential LED light bulb lamps, Liner power IC supply LED boards

E26/E27/B22  6W 10W 15W 20W 30W plastic LED bulb lamp

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led bulb

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Choose the best one model for your place

Power Size LED type Real power Material Working voltage Light base Packing/Weight
6W 50*98 Epistar SMD2835 5LED 4W PP+PP AC185-265V E27/B22 27*27*42cm/100pcs  3.2kg
10W 60*115 Epistar SMD2835 6LED 5W PP+PP AC185-265V E27/B22 32*32*50cm/100pcs  4.2kg
15W 70*130 Epistar SMD2835 9LED 7.4W PP+PP AC185-265V E27/B22 37*37*56cm/100pcs  5.6kg
20W 80*145 Epistar SMD2835 13LED 10.6W PP+PP AC185-265V E27/B22 42*42*62cm/100pcs  7.7kg
30W 100*175 Epistar SMD2835 18LED 13.8W PP+PP AC185-265V E27/B22 52*52*37cm/50pcs  5.8kg


Do not know how to choose one light bulb?

LED bulbs with Lower Kelvin color temperatures give you a warmer, more yellow light while higher Kelvin color temperatures will give you a cooler, bright light. LED bulbs around 2700 Kelvin will be the closest match to what you’re used to seeing with incandescent lamps. 3000 Kelvin bulbs are similar in appearance to halogen lamps. If you prefer the cool white light of clear metal halide lamps, look for an LED bulb with a color temperature of 4000 Kelvin or higher more.

LEDs that are 5000 Kelvin and higher is near daylight white light. This color temperature is often reserved for more commercial settings. See how the look of a kitchen changes as you adjust the color temperature on our interactive Lighting Guide. Higher than 5000 Kelvin, let us say 6000 Kelvin, it comes high lumen brightness, and you may not see the lighting directly as your eyes can not open.

At the same time, we also have colored bulbs for parties and events, global bulbs that reduce glare and more evenly diffuse light, 3-way working bulbs, LED A shape bulbs with a high CRI (color rendering index), bulbs with a E27/B22 bases, or high output bulbs for applications needing over 3000 Lumens.

Get to know more about bulbs shapes and spots types?

Know more about bulb lamp Kelvin and lighting!

Know more about choosing Kelvin for different places

Kelvin degree used for LED bulb lamp, lighting are as follows:
Kelvin Associated Effects and Moods Appropriate Applications
2700K Friendly, personal, intimate Homes, libraries, restaurants
3000K Soft, warm pleasing light Homes, hotel rooms, lobbies, restaurants, retail stores
3500K Friendly, inviting, non-threatening Executive offices, public reception areas, supermarkets
4000K Neat, clean, efficient Office, classrooms, mass merchadisers, showrooms
5000K Bright, alert Graphic industry, hospitals
6500K Bright, cool Jewelry stores, beauty salons, galleries, museums, printing

Packing for led bulb lamp, OEM accpetable

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